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We come from a traditional Butchers family in Argentina. In 2001 we decided to expand our local business to the world and since then we are shipping our meat to your table. Our service is multi award winning, having won the Customer Service Awards numerous times. Our prices reflect the outstanding quality that will make you come back for more! Want to know more about our products, services and team members? Get in touch with us today.

Our Pricing

We are firm believers that good quality shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. We would welcome you comparing our prices against good butcheries and quality supermarkets. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised at how well-priced we are – and we deliver to your door!

Why Choose Us?

We offer a lot more than simply steaks! BBQ is in our culture and we know it as ASADO in Argentina. This is a tradition and is not only meat, is an experience followed by good times, friendship and families. That is why with a good ASADO you will be able to have the best meat and also the best elements to your best performace. Please see our store to check the best selections of accesories to your best performance.

All our products are “A” Grade Argentinian Beef and Lamb, sourced only from approved abattoirs who ensure certain standards of animal welfare.



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Grass feed animals have no impact on the planet since all the gases generated with the Fedlot animals doesnt exist. Also by keeping animals in the wild we ensure that everything returns to the earth and that way we can have better grass. Better animals resume in better quality . We use No heavy machinery, no chemicals,and all our processes are certified under the animal wellfare.

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